BAGAVIN  - The « Pros »                    

  • Practical and easy to carry

With its wheels and its soft-grip handle, you will travel with 12 bottles without efforts.  

  • An excellent reward  for an incentive program

The salespeople will be delighted to use this piece of luggage which will perfectly meet their needs and simplify their daily activities. Obtaining this optimal comfort for their professional trips will be a strong incentive !

  • An imperceptible charge

12 bottles weigh alone 15 kg ! With Bagavin, make the task simpler.

  • A neat design

A Bagavin gives a more professional image than carrying wine in a regular cardboard box. 

  • The security 

 A padding will absorb most of the shocks. Ideal for your movements in public transport (train, subway) as well as in trade fairs.
*This piece of luggage can be checked-in in airplanes. The experience shows an insignificant breakage rate.

  • The quality of your wines in safety

Conditionned bottles with thermic insulation that will preserve the quality of your wines and minimize the temperature variations. 

  • Coolness

Thanks to the bag's insulation, your Whites and Rosés will remain chilled longer. Ice packs can be added.